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About History of Hazel Cakes

Hazel Cakes started with the motive of providing the finest service, exceptional quality cakes and filling the gaps left by the current bakery industry in Nepal. Hazel Cakes came into existence when Umesh Shah and Lokesh Bhandari met 3 years ago. That time, Umesh was delivering food and Lokesh was working in a bakery shop. Umesh reached the bakery where Lokesh was working one day. Coincidentally, Umesh eventually got a delivery job at the same bakery where Lokesh was working. After working for some time together, they developed a special bond. So, they decided to start their own business and work together.


Best Cake Shop in Town

We mix a pinch of love to every cake we bake.

Initially starting out as an online service bakery, Hazel Cakes is now successfully running its outlet in Baneshwore, Kathmandu. The outlet has a clean environment with a factory inside and two rooms to accommodate the visiting customers. The future plan is to expand the brand of Hazel Cakes to outside of the valley as well.


Taking Your Order

After the order is placed using our social media, online ordering system or telephone, our Customer Service Representative (CSR) enters the details of the order into our system. All the details of the customer, delivery date, time, address and cake specifications are entered into our system.


Lokesh Chettri

Having completed his studies in his own village Dhankuta, Lokesh Bhandari wanted to go abroad for work after his graduation. He knew a close friend living in Dubai with whom Lokesh wished to work with. Even though he came from a humble background, he managed to get to Dubai with ease.
After getting to Dubai, his friend helped him to find a job in a bakery. But he had to undertake bakery training there and work accordingly. After working for 2 years, he learned and gained a lot of experience in the field. Not everything went his way when working abroad so he decided to incorporate what he had learned into his own country and thought of returning to Nepal.
Upon arriving in Nepal, he consulted with his family to go to Kathmandu to find work. Everything didn’t go as planned but after a hardship of finding work, he finally got a decent job at a bakery in Baneshwore, Kathmandu where he started to make a living by preparing bakery items. In that day job at the bakery, he met Umesh Shah with whom Lokesh is successfully running his bakery business now.



Umesh Thakuri

Umesh Shah had been working from the time when he was studying in class 7. His brothers influenced him to learn about interior designing. Having learned the skills, he successfully got a job at New Modern Interiors in Sinamangal where he worked for a year and a half. After that, he wanted to do something new so he started working in a banquet as a waiter in Kathmandu. His tenure as a waiter was only for 3 years as he could not be satisfied with doing the same thing for such a long time.
Umesh had been doing his work while simultaneously studying to get a degree. He had a hard time balancing study and work. This doesn’t mean that he could stay idle without doing anything, he had to do some kind of work to survive in Kathmandu, where the cost of living is really exorbitant compared to other places. So, after looking for a job for some time, he got a delivery job in Kamaladi. After working there for a certain period of time, he found a vacancy at a different company for another delivery job but only better. He applied to it and started working there. He met Lokesh Bhandari at the bakery shop where he was working. They got to talking and realized that they could relate much to each other.  So, they started their own bakery venture after working for 2 years together and called it Hazel Cakes.

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